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Welcome!  The purpose of this website is to provide a home for Tom's songs to be heard, along with  a  few  stories that go along with some of them.  Many of these songs were co-written a long time ago, and credit will be given for the writers as well as the players on the tracks.

The time scope of this website will eventually cover  from 1971 to present, (whatever that happens to be). 

The first two to be featured will be "Take Off The Day"which was recorded in 1979.  The album was Engineered and Produced by Michael Denecke.  Mike was a sound man for commercials and films from the early 1970's until his unfortunate passing in 2001.  He was a man of many talents.  He was an exceptional classical guitarist, and took master classes to study under the great Andreas Sagovia and Julian Bream.

Mike and Tom met in 1972 when Tom moved from Detroit to Los Angeles with an original band,  Springport Bouquet.  Members of the band were Gary Griffin, Bob (Robert) Byrne, Dave Morse and Tom.   The band was managed by Glenn Richter, who found their home for the next year in Malibu.  The band utilized acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, piano, lap steel, violin & banjo.  Their vocals blended in complex harmonies.  They sounded similar to the Eagles.   Mike took a liking to the band, and started recording themTom still has the original tapes that  Mike Denecke made.  These tapes have been converted to digital format, and will go up on the site when they are ready. 

As the website evolves, pageses will be dedicated for Springport Bouquet songs, as well as for early songs written by Tom and Gary Griffin.